Atlantis in the Community

Atlantis is a proud supporter of the following community organisations:



Bravehearts’ members comprise survivors, parents, friends, partners, professionals and non-abusive members of the community who share in the belief that child sexual assault must stop.

Bravehearts aims to ‘Break the Silence’, provide healing and support, engender child sexual assault prevention and protection strategies; advocate for understanding and promote increased education and research. View Website

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation


The ACMF is a not-for-profit organisation that raises money for music programs for disadvantaged and Indigenous youth.

Music inspires creativity and imagination. We use the power and the magic of music to bring joy and solace to children who have lost hope, are abused, traumatised or in detention. Music engages and connects emotionally and psychologically. Music can give these children the opportunity to express themselves, develop self-esteem and realise that there is another world out there that they have never experienced.

We give them hope. We give them a chance to dream. Visit website

R U Okay Charity


R U OK?’s mission is to help end suicide by empowering people to make a difference, encouraging open and honest conversation, whilst driving real connection.

RU Okay seeks to encourage Australians to take responsibility for reaching out to people in their community by asking family members, friends and colleagues ‘Are you ok?’ and to create a safe platform for those at risk of suicide to be able to communicate. Additionally they seek to implement programs that encourage people to access and provide assistance at an early stage, thereby reducing the risk of suicide arising from difficult life situations or mental illness and to educate Australians about identifying risk factors for suicide, support people at risk and refer them to appropriate professional and emergency services.